Dessons Agritech
Dessons Agritech


We supply high-quality drip irrigation material for Greenhouses and open fields. We are distributors of:

• Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd.

• Harvel Azud India Pvt. Ltd.

About Drip Irrigation:

It is an alternative method of irrigating crops with high water demands in an arid region. Drip irrigation can help you use water efficiently. A well-designed drip irrigation system loses practically no water to runoff, deep percolation, or evaporation. It reduces water contact with crop leaves, stems, and fruit. Thus conditions may be less favourable for the onset of diseases. Irrigation scheduling can be managed precisely to meet crop demands, holding the promise of increased yield and quality.

Drip systems are adaptable to oddly shaped fields or those with uneven topography or soil texture. Drip systems can also work well where other irrigation systems are inefficient.

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