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Dessons Agritech

Why Dessons Agritech?

The Greenhouse Structure

The structure of the Greenhouse determines the shape and size of the cover layer (the roof) and is responsible for its stability and ability to withstand winds, hail and snow. The size of the structure has a great influence on the overall working environment, as well as on climate conditions.

The height of the structure is measured from the ground to the gutter. Gutter height of 4 meters is considered minimum height. More advanced structures reach a gutter height of 4.5 meters and up. By raising the height of the structure, climate conditions are essentially improved, but this requires more building materials, thus increasing construction costs. In addition to bearing natural loads, such as wind, hail, rain, etc., the structure is able to bear the loads of added equipment systems like screens, heating, irrigation, light etc. Dessons Agritech structure provides special structural reinforcements for crops such as tomatoes and cucumbers, which use trellising support.

Based on experience and with the intention of withstanding local climate conditions, we choose to design the structures for wind loads of 120 km/h from all directions.

Building Materials

Greenhouses can be designed and constructed from a wide range of common materials such as iron, aluminium, plastic etc. We construct our structures from galvanized steel, which is optimal for achieving maximum strength.

The round pipe has equal strength from all its sides and resists bending under small loads, as occurs with open profiles which are non-symmetrical.

In recent years, there is tendency to reduce the quantity of steel used. A number of companies have begun to use steel cables while we continue to use rigid pipes.

Characteristics of Dessons Agritech Greenhouse Structures

  • Wide variety of structures for various agricultural needs: vegetables and flowers
  • Modular structures suitable for all types of flexible and hard coverings
  • Prefabricated designs and structures ready for immediate or future installation of all modern technological systems and equipment, without the need for structural alterations.
  • Highest quality hot dip galvanized steel, up to 80 microns.
  • Wide variety of structures suitable for all weather conditions, with the option of appropriate alternatives to suit unusual climates and individual requirements.
  • Choice of gutter heights ranging from 3.5 meters to 5 meters.
  • Choice of gable spans ranging from 6.4 meters to 12.8 meters.
  • Structures capable of withstanding gusts of wind upto 120 km/h.
  • Unique aluminium locking profiles, connectors and fasteners, eliminating the need for wood (supplied according to customer's specifications)
  • After sales service from expert technical engineers and agronomists
  • Modular structures that can easily be dismantled and transferred from location to location.

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